Breakfast Club

The Breakfast club will run from 8.00am to 9.00am. Your child will be given a healthy breakfast choice from a variety of well known cereals and/or toast which will be provided for them by our Play leaders (alternative cereals can be provided if necessary in a named airtight container for your child). Milk and water will be freely available as well as a small selection of fruit. We also offer a drop off service which is between 8.30am-8.45am, which does not include breakfast. At the end of the session, children will be directed to their respective classrooms with staff accompanying younger ones.

After School Club

The After School club will run from the end of school until 5.30pm and can be further divided into 2 sessions if required being from the end of school until 4.30pm and from 4.30pm until 5.30pm (children may be collected at any time up until the end of their session). At the end of school, younger children will be collected from their classroom whilst older children will be met in the office and all will walk to Woodlands together. Children attending After School clubs are welcome to attend the second session and can be met or collected by our staff as necessary. We provide a snack by way of toast or fruit but children can bring something with them should they wish. Milk and water will be available at all times.

Cooking Activities

In After School club the children regularly take part in cooking activities ranging from Chinese stir fries to Blueberry muffins. The children are encouraged to prepare the food themselves by weighing, measuring, cutting and washing the food and then following the recipes step by step. The children are at all times supervised by an adult ensuring the children are practising the safety measures correctly. The children try out different foods from different cultures, experiencing a variety of tastes.

Craft Activities

Every day the children will take part in some fun and creative craft. The craft is often themed around celebrations and seasons. The children help us plan for the craft activities, informing us of their likes and interests.

Sports And Outdoor Activities

Now that the weather is beginning to get nicer, we will be spending even more time outside. The children love to play football, basketball, rounder's, tennis, tag and so much more. We have a variety of outside space to use including the big field and the woods.